What is our solution?

Given the state of affairs in three key areas of recyclable material, what is our process for dealing with these?

The Zero Waste Process

The Zero Waste Process (ZWP) uses heat in the absence of oxygen to produce not only fresh, recycled materials but also clean, green energy.

The ZWP is different to incineration. Our process does not use an ignition process to create a fire but uses a unique thermal treatment to temper, handle and separate the raw materials. The yields of the ZWP on tires include steel, oil, gases and carbon black, a highly valued form of recovered carbon that has many further uses – find our more here: https://zerowaste.group/carbon-black/.

The reconstituted materials from medical waste can be approximated with the following breakdown:

Oil: 50%
Solids: 25%
Gas: 25%

Depending on the exact processing conditions such as time and temperature, tor municipal waste the recovered materials breakdown is as such:

Oil: 50-65%
Gases: 15-20%
Other recoverable material: 10-20%

All of which can be further used and repurposed to create a sustainable product life cycle and a fresh environmental future.